[Jeremy lies in bed]

Kyle: „Are you gonna get up today? … It’s almost eight … Ok, ehm, you don’t have to talk or anything ehm, how about ehm, one blink means yes and two blinks means no. Ehm, d’you want me to get you a glass of water or maybe some food or something?“

[Jeremy blinks three times]

Kyle: „Was that one blink or two blinks?“

[Jeremy blinks three times again]

Kyle: „What does three blinks mean?“

[Jeremy gives Kyle the middle finger]

Kyle: „Oh yeah, great, ok thanks, yeah.“

Aus PurePwnage Season 2 Episode 6


There is no doubt that Apple’s PR department has created a unique PR campaign, but there is also little doubt that Apple has created the Paris Hilton of mobile phones – a seemingly beautiful product on the outside.

Aus „IPhone -an operator’s worst friend“


Man sollte die Wahrheit dem anderen wie einen Mantel hinhalten, dass er hineinschlüpfen kann – nicht wie ein nasses Tuch um den Kopf schlagen.

Max Frisch


Tu alles Gute, das du vermagst, und tu es so leise wie möglich.

Charles Dickens


Wir brüsten die Kneten von hinten.

Juli von Dewitz